About Douglas Lighting Controls (a UDLA Company):

For 60 years as a global commercial manufacturer of lighting control equipment, we have engineered scalable, easy-to-install centralized and decentralized digital lighting control systems for schools, offices, commercial buildings, campuses and sports complexes throughout North America. Douglas systems include relay panels, controllers, occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors and wall switch stations. Each system is built to order in our North American production facility. Prior to shipment, each system is programmed and tested to ensure the system installation and commissioning are as fast and easy as possible. We also provide services for project / system drawing, technical support, and onsite system commissioning. We are recognized for our deep understanding of the lighting control market, our staff expertise, and the ability to provide the right solution for each facility.

We have achieved notable milestones:

About Universal Douglas Lighting Americas, Inc. (UDLA):

Universal Douglas Lighting Americas, Inc. (UDLA) manufactures and commercializes scalable lighting solutions. A combined entity of Universal Lighting Technologies and Douglas Lighting Controls, UDLA enables customers with LED products for upgrades, retrofits, connected lighting, centralized/decentralized digital lighting control systems, and IoT digital services integration with easy-to-install and use components. With 125 years of combined experience, the company is recognized by its North American manufacturing and award-winning commitment to quality. An innovator in digital lighting design for the future, UDLA helps customers create an end-to-end vertical lighting ecosystem with efficiency, flexibility, and control. Learn more about UDLA at www.unvlt.com and www.douglaslightingcontrols.com.