Parking Garages

Advanced lighting control technologies bring safety, security and energy efficiency to parking garages.

Historically, parking garage lighting was the last thought during building design and development. As such, lighting was not energy efficient, often requiring lights to stay ON 24/7. Now, by using LED fixtures and advanced lighting control technologies, lights can be automatically turned ON, OFF or dimmed as required with control strategies such as occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, scheduling and even setting specific light levels based on ambient lighting and space requirements. Incorporating one or more lighting strategies can help maximize energy savings and increase security.

New and existing parking garages are the perfect platform for incorporating the most current lighting technologies. By changing from fluorescent lighting to a more efficient LED parking lighting system improves the overall user experience. LED means more efficiency (typically 80% energy cost reduction), longer life (typically 50,000+ hours), lower maintenance due to longer life, low lumen depreciation rate, lighting uniformity, durability, and reduced light pollution due to directionality of source.

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