WOW Corner/Hallway Sensors

Line and Low Voltage Corner/Hallway Occupancy Sensors


    • Dual Technology Sensors for atriums, lobbies, hallways or stairwells
    • Low Voltage 24Vac models
    • Modern design for appealing installation
    • On-board setting for time-out delay and daylight level (daylight sensors models)
    • Advance configuration of Dual Technology Sensors with Handheld Infrared Setting Unit


    • Diversa Corner Mount Sensors with Dual Technology sensing for atriums, lobbies, hallways or stairwells feature a ball and socket design to provide flexibility in mounting the sensor to walls, ceilings or sloped ceilings for optimizing sensor position.
    • Diversa Dual Technology sensors are class leading specifiable sensors that outperform the competition by reducing false triggers due to HVAC, music, vibration, traffic and reducing power consumption by using a passive sound detection technology rather than an active ultrasonic technology. Combining PIR and ADI-Voice technology allows the sensor to maintain occupancy through its voice detection technology in areas that do not provide direct line of sight to a person.
  • Advantages
    • Can be configured for Vacancy mode (manual ON/Auto OFF)
    • Swivel mounting head allows for installation in a variety of locations
    • Corner or Large area lenses for specific coverage patterns
    • Options for daylight sensor, 0-10v dimming, auxiliary relay
ASHRAE 90.1-2010 California Title 24 Compliant California Title 20 Listed

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