CheckLight® – Lighting Controls Energy Management Platform

A cloud-based energy management and energy measurement platform that works with our centralized, distributed, and wireless lighting control systems.


    • CheckLight® has the ability to report through its own dashboard or to shared data through APIs for use with building management systems. The CheckLight platform, being cloud based, provides secure global access to facility lighting, allowing the user to adjust lights and lighting system settings from a central location. CheckLight has the power to gather and display dashboard information for a portfolio of buildings making it a valuable tool for benchmarking and optimizing energy costs. When energy usage or fixture failures occur, CheckLight can send out alerts based on pre-determined parameters. CheckLight is also Open ADR-ready to execute Automated Demand Response commands


    • Benchmark your portfolio of buildings
    • Uncover energy conservation opportunities - create energy conservation strategies
    • Analyze lighting loads for inefficiencies
    • Share data with other building management software for analysis
  • General Features

    • Secure Microsoft Azure Cloud platform
    • Dashboard for energy management and energy monitoring
    • ADR (Automated Demand Response) ready
    • Works with Douglas Lighting Controls, centralized, wireless, and distributed lighting control systems
    • Reports area, floor, building, or portfolio of buildings data
    • Alerts when system not operating correctly

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