Dialog® Room Controllers

Distributed Lighting Control Systems

Take Control Easily with the Dialog Room Controller; a Plug ‘N Control® Lighting Control Solution for Classrooms and Offices.

Dialog Room Controller


DRC Front

Four relay circuits, four independent dimming channels and an optional two circuit UL 924 expansion pack (shown)

Dialog Room Controller 2


WRC 4222

Two relay circuits, two independent dimming channels


    • Complete, configured application Kits for room specific lighting control
    • Plug ‘N Control up to 6 different loads (lighting, receptacle, emergency lighting)
    • Plug ‘N Control up to 4 dimming channels independent of lighting loads
    • Integrated Emergency Lighting Control (UL924 certified)
    • Easy to connect using with low cost, polarity neutral 18/2 wire
    • Checklight™ equipped to measure energy usage


    • Easy to install, easy to use, the Dialog Room Controller for light and receptacle control of offices and classrooms is a Plug 'N Control ready, out-of-the-box system that is factory configured, labelled, and tested before shipment. System kits include: Dialog Room Controller, Occupancy and Daylight sensors, and Wall Stations. Dialog Room Controller systems are BACnet and Demand Response ready.


    • On-device test buttons for testing circuit wiring
    • Color coded wires, labels and on-device wiring instructions for quick installation
    • Demand Response Ready
    • UL and CSA certified
    • UL924 certified for Emergency Lighting
    • Plenum rated in USA and Canada


  • Application Notes

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