Standardized Lighting Control Solutions for Warehouses and Commercial Facilities

LitePak panels include programmable touch pads with 4, 8, 16, and 24 relays. Relay expansion panels (without touch pads) are also available to support a large number of loads. Wall stations, occupancy and daylight sensors can be added for increased functionality.


    • Standardized Lighting Controls System
    • Automated control though a programmable touch-pad
    • Wall stations, occupancy and daylight sensor can be added for increased functionality
    • Expansion Panels can be added for larger systems
    • Door panel options includes locks, flush mount and surface mount doors


    • LitePak has a programmable 365-day astronomical time and daylight controller within the panel that is set through the touch pad. The controller includes a 4-line graphical display with built in prompts for viewing and editing programs. The controller can store up to 900 events. Each controller has 8 outputs that can each be operated by a unique program. Up to 4 relays can be connected to an output.
  • Advantages
    • 7-day schedules and holiday schedules
    • Astronomical Control calculates sunset and sunrise (an offset of ±180 minutes can be added)
    • Daylight Control can be used to set light level for each output (requires exterior daylight sensor)
    • Outputs can be set to switch ON, OFF, OFF with flick warn and can do Sentry Switch OFF commands
    • The controller outputs can monitor connected relays. When a relay is switched ON, the output will switch it OFF after a pre-set time. This feature can be scheduled to function during unoccupied periods.
    • A Group Override Switch input is supplied switch all or some outputs ON or OFF
    • The controller automatically adjusts for leap years and Daylight savings time as needed
    • Non-volatile memory maintains programming in the event of a power failure
    • Suitable for all types of lighting loads including capacitor corrected HID ballasts
    • UL/CSA approved

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