LitePak™ 2

Standardized Lighting Control Solutions for Retail and Commercial Facilities

LitePak™ 2 is a new and improved standardized lighting control system that provides automated and manual control over indoor and outdoor lighting. Contractors will find the LitePak 2 valuable for small to medium sized projects due to its low cost and ease of installation.


    • Standardized Lighting Control System
    • Automated and manual control through a programmable touch-pad
    • 0-10V dimming through independent dimming channels
    • Peripherals connected using a 2-wire (#18/2), low voltage, polarity neutral, power and data network
    • Available in 8 and 16-relay, dimming or non-dimming
    • Central and expansion enclosures that can be used together to support up to 48 relay circuits
    • Panels available with surface mount or flush mount covers
    • NEMA type 4 enclosure available
    • Designed to meet the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 and Title 24 projects


    • The touchscreen has a 365-day astronomical clock for time-of-day/sunrise/sunset control, ability to schedule up to 900 events, and connect with peripheral devices (wall switch stations, occupancy sensors, interior and exterior daylight sensors) to run a fully automated lighting system with daylight control. With the addition of dimming capabilities, daylight harvesting can be implemented.
  • Advantages
    • 7-day schedules and holiday schedules
    • Astronomical Control calculates sunset and sunrise (an offset of ±180 minutes can be added)
    • Daylight Control can be used to set light level for each output (requires exterior daylight sensor)
    • Outputs can be set to switch ON, OFF, OFF with flick warn and can do Sentry Switch OFF commands
    • The controller outputs can monitor connected relays. When a relay is switched ON, the output will switch it OFF after a pre-set time. This feature can be scheduled to function during unoccupied periods.
    • A Group Override Switch input is supplied switch all or some outputs ON or OFF
    • The controller automatically adjusts for leap years and Daylight savings time as needed
    • Non-volatile memory maintains programming in the event of a power failure
    • Suitable for all types of lighting loads including capacitor corrected HID ballasts
    • UL/CSA approved

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