Wireless Indoor System

Go Wireless with our Bluetooth enabled lighting control solutions!

Great for site upgrades or new construction, our provide wireless control eliminate network control wires. Our load controllers, occupancy sensors, and wall station switches create a complete control solution for individual rooms, zones, and floors.

Download the Douglas Lighting Controls Bluetooth Commissioning & User App (BTCC).

Integrated Intelligent Fixture™ Controllers and Sensors

Luminaire Manufactures looking to add controls directly to their fixtures will be interested in solutions designed to mount directly into ½” electrical knockouts. These devices are powered directly from 12 or 24VDC driver auxiliary output and offer 0-10 dimming (dim to off) control as well as Bluetooth wireless mesh capabilities

Outdoor Rated Fixture Mounted Sensor and Controller

Use our BT-FMS for adding controls directly to fixtures. This outdoor rated device is designed for parking garage and warehouse type applications.



    • Bluetooth wireless mesh technology provides reliability, redundancy, and easy expandability
    • Devices communicate over a secure Bluetooth wireless network
    • Smartphones with Bluetooth capability can commission and control lights with complimentary Douglas Lighting Controls App
    • Network devices or onsite internet not required
    • Devices are line powered for long term reliability and increased functionality
    • CheckLight™ equipped to measure energy usage


    • Each Bluetooth enabled device is its own wireless node for sending, receiving and sharing control commands through a wireless mesh network. Expandability is easy with each device passing information to the next thus expanding the reach and control throughout the network. A Gateway device is available for connectivity into Douglas Lighting Controls Dialog centralized system.
  • Advantages

    • Converts fixtures into wirelessly controlled luminaires
    • Provides individual or multi-fixture control
    • ON/OFF (relay) and 0-10v dimming control of the fixture(s) through a Douglas Lighting Controls Bluetooth Switch or App
    • Adding the Douglas Lighting Controls Bluetooth Sensor provides occupancy control and daylight harvesting functionality
    • Dual Technology (PIR and Bluetooth beacon) occupancy sensor
    • For Bluetooth enabled iOS Smartphone or iPod Touch
    • Commissioning: Light levels, zones, pre-sets, time-out
    • Control: Dimming, ON/OFF, pre-sets
  • Disclaimer
    • The Bluetooth® word, mark, and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Douglas Lighting Controls is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners


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